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Independent Hip-Hop / Rap Artist
Cipher is an independent hip-hop artist, streamed in 35+ countries, who releases a new song every month.

 Born in California and raised in Texas, Cipher mixes his southern style with quick verses to deliver a listening experience like no other. His recent single ‘Make You Mine’ hit #34 on iTunes’ R&B/Soul Songs Charts in the UK. In his first few months on the hip hop scene he has been featured in magazines like New York Weekly, major blogs such as A&R Factory, radio stations such as The G Radio, and major playlists like Vibe Boost. 

Cipher is also an entrepreneur and US Navy veteran with philanthropic initiatives on the horizon for Dallas, TX.

What people are saying about Cipher

Thank you for the truth behind your lyrics, helped me heal in some manner that I'm sure I will continue to learn from. 

- Jarome 

This one song made more sense than 98% of the commercial songs on the radios. I loved it.

- Brian from Twitter

I keep listening over and over. You got the beat, background, and your voice is amazing. 

- @SpiceGongJoo

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